Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Heavy Duty Truck Pipe Leakage Tester ALL-300

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Heavy Duty Truck Pipe Leakage Tester ALL-300

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD is a high pressure diagnostic leak detector for detecting leaks in systems that run at high pressure, such as passenger car turbo system, brake booster, exhaust, lamp housing, medium & Heavy Duty commercial trucks’ air intake system, exhaust system, manifold, coolant tank, sealing, gasket and fuel pipe etc.

Note: Heavy Duty Model fits all commercial vehicle system and passenger car system expect EVAP system

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Truck Diagnostic

For Truck


Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Features:

Dual mode support: air mode for test leaks, smoke mode for finding leaks.
Instant smoke generation
Super easy in operation, only a Start/Stop button.
Smart controlled 10 minutes working cycle
0~2 bar / 29 Psi variable pressure output
Heavy Duty bladder that fits intake/exhaust size from 8cm/3.2”to20cm/7.9”
Dual Heavy Duty bladders equipped, both could be used as block-off.
DC 12V/24V auto-adaptive, vehicle battery driven.

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD

ALL-300 HD

Top 8 Reasons to Get Diagnostic Leak Detector

1. Your Scan Tools Can Only Do Half of the Work
Your scan tools help you acquire the knowledge about which sensor had got the sampled data out of range. But your scan tools won’t tell you the cause/reason of the fault, and where to find it. A Diagnostic Leak Detector will tell you where the problem is, which caused the sensors to get wrong data.

2. Over 60% of the DTCs Are Pressure Related
Sensors sample voltage, temperature and pressure, of all the DTCs that possibility generated, over 60% are pressure related,
regardless it’s an air pressure DTC, or an oil pressure DTC. With a Diagnostic Leak Detector, these DTCs are much easier to erase.

3. Increase Income Per Service
By finding more hidden problems in a vehicle and proving it to the vehicle owner necessity of extra service, a Diagnostic Leak Detector will help increase your income per service.

4. Help Reduce Labor Cost
A Diagnostic Leak Detector helps technicians to locate problems currently in short time, avoid possibility of wrong diagnosis of the vehicle.

5. Enhance Capability of More Service Calls
By reducing your service time cost, a Diagnostic Leak Detector makes your workshop capable of more service calls.

6. Ease the Pain of Finding Leaks
The vehicle driven in the workshop with engine running hot, which put technicians in a bad working condition, with a Diagnostic Leak Detector, technician don’t have to touch the hot surface, reduce possibility of getting hurt in work.

7. More Professional in Facing Customers
Customers may feel sorry for you if you jump onto and off the car to find problems. A Diagnostic Leak Detector will make technician’s work more professional with convincing result.

8. Small Investment, Big Turnout
A Diagnostic Leak Detector is affordable for all level of workshops, and the equipment will pay for itself back by a few jobs.

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Main Unit

Main Unit


Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Specifications:
Pressure: 0 ~ 2 Bar / 29 Psi
Chemical Refill: 50ml
Smoke Flow:15L/Min
Unit Dim.: L22cm x W23cm x H29cm
Power Supply: DC 12V/24V VehicleBattery
Delivery Dim.: L40cm x W36cm x H31cm
Air Source: Shop Air


Optional Parts(not included in the tool): If you need this optional parts, please contact me to check the price.

Passenger Car Intake Bladder
Mister Wand
Cooling System Pressure Test Kit
UV Detection Kit

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Optional Parts

Optional Parts


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ALL300 Pro Turbo Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detector ALL-300

ALL300 Pro Turbo Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detector ALL-300

ALL300 Pro Turbo Model also applicable on turbo system, but NOT suitable for EVAP system.

Smoke Leak Locator All-300 ALL-300 is an innovative product that provide safe and convenient method to check leaks in automotive systems! It is so far the fastest way of detecting & locating the leak position of all pipe system in an vehicle at an affordable price.

Smoke Automotive Leak Locator ALL-300—– Professional, Flexible, Affordable

ALL300 Pro Turbo with Pressure Gauge

With Pressure Gauge


Smoke Leak Locator All-300 Four Reasons to get:

1. Time saving features
1). Help locate the leak position on all vehicle systems in 1 minute
2). Fast determine the leak size by read the flow meter

2. Professional
1). Easy to Operate
2). Fast in helping locate the leak
3). Multi-functional
4). Dual Mode: Smoke Mode, Air Mode
5). Visual pressure minitoring
6). Visual flow control
7). Inbuild air compressor
8). 5L/Min Super flow rate
9). Visual monitoring of smoke fuel level
10). Bigger oil tank up to 200ml capacity
11). Best mate for automotive scanner

3. Affordable
1).Unbeatable price / performance ratio
2).Designed for long time use

4. Flexible
With inbuild air compressor, and power supplied by 12Volt vehicle battery, its the best tool for leak locating regardless of the working condition.

ALL300 Pro Turbo Front Viewer

ALL-300 Front Viewer


Smoke Leak Locator All-300 Highlights:

1. Significantly reduce the service time-cost
2. Ensure better service quality and discover potential service request
3. AL-300 is a handy new generation of automotive system leak locator
4. AL-300uses Mineral Oil to generate smoke. the oil is possible to get at drug store, or supermarket(Mineral Oil based baby Oil) ,a 30 ML refill will be enough for test
for 40 times( varies, depend on how long the user operate the equipment for each test.)
5. AL-300 is a one-time invest for a workshop or garage, but will help so much in work


All300 Smoke Automotive Leak Locator Features:

1. Simple To Operate
1). The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is easily controlled with a nice keypress film and a flow control. with visual indication of the pressure level and
flow status.
2). Stablized output pressure is perfect to perform leak test of all pipe system with no damage to the vehicle sealing.
3). Save time and fast leak detection. In most cases, a scan tool may find out pressure sensors abnormal etc., while actully the ‘pressure low’ problem is caused by leak somewhere.
4). Use Air Mode to fast determine if there’s a leak. and use Smoke Mode to find out where the leak is.
5). Use Air Mode to fast determine if there’s a leak. and use Smoke Mode to find out where the leak is.
6). Adjustable air flow to perform leak test on different system that requires different flow amount.
7). If the system doesn’t leak, when reached the required pressure, the flow meter readings will drop to 0, otherwise, can determine the leaksize by the flow rate

2. Multi-function
The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is a multi purpose tool essential for EVAP system, but also applicable for: EGR valves, Gaskets & Fittings, Hoses, Worn Throttle shafts, Break Boosters, Catalytic Converters, Oil Leaks, Lamp Housings, manifolds and more….

3. Visual monitor smoke fuel level
Fast to know the fuel level, don’t have to guess if its time for fuel refill.

ALL-300 Pro Leak Detector Back View

Back View


All-300 Smoke Automotive Leak Locator Target customer:
Car manufacturer workshops, Independent Workshop or tire service shop, garages etc. where Professional, reliable and affordable equipment is needed.


ALL300 Pro Turbo Specifications:
1. Air flow control: 0.1~5 L/MIN
2. Power supply : DC12V, 8A, 100W
3. Full set of accessories


Requirements on Surroundings:
1. Ambient Temperature – 20°C ~ + 50°C
2. Relative Humidity a‰¤ 90%


ALL300 Pro Turbo Packing List:

1pc * Main Unit
1pc * Plasxtic Casing
1pc * Power Cords
1pc * Smoke Tube
1pc * Universal Intake Adaptor
1pc * Cap Topper(set)
1pc * Universal Intake Adaptor
4pcs * Screw
1pc * User Manual


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ALL300 Pro Turbo Packing List

Packing List

Intake Adapter for Smoke Leak Detector

Intake Adapter