Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Heavy Duty Truck Pipe Leakage Tester ALL-300

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Heavy Duty Truck Pipe Leakage Tester ALL-300

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD is a high pressure diagnostic leak detector for detecting leaks in systems that run at high pressure, such as passenger car turbo system, brake booster, exhaust, lamp housing, medium & Heavy Duty commercial trucks’ air intake system, exhaust system, manifold, coolant tank, sealing, gasket and fuel pipe etc.

Note: Heavy Duty Model fits all commercial vehicle system and passenger car system expect EVAP system

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Truck Diagnostic

For Truck


Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Features:

Dual mode support: air mode for test leaks, smoke mode for finding leaks.
Instant smoke generation
Super easy in operation, only a Start/Stop button.
Smart controlled 10 minutes working cycle
0~2 bar / 29 Psi variable pressure output
Heavy Duty bladder that fits intake/exhaust size from 8cm/3.2”to20cm/7.9”
Dual Heavy Duty bladders equipped, both could be used as block-off.
DC 12V/24V auto-adaptive, vehicle battery driven.

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD

ALL-300 HD

Top 8 Reasons to Get Diagnostic Leak Detector

1. Your Scan Tools Can Only Do Half of the Work
Your scan tools help you acquire the knowledge about which sensor had got the sampled data out of range. But your scan tools won’t tell you the cause/reason of the fault, and where to find it. A Diagnostic Leak Detector will tell you where the problem is, which caused the sensors to get wrong data.

2. Over 60% of the DTCs Are Pressure Related
Sensors sample voltage, temperature and pressure, of all the DTCs that possibility generated, over 60% are pressure related,
regardless it’s an air pressure DTC, or an oil pressure DTC. With a Diagnostic Leak Detector, these DTCs are much easier to erase.

3. Increase Income Per Service
By finding more hidden problems in a vehicle and proving it to the vehicle owner necessity of extra service, a Diagnostic Leak Detector will help increase your income per service.

4. Help Reduce Labor Cost
A Diagnostic Leak Detector helps technicians to locate problems currently in short time, avoid possibility of wrong diagnosis of the vehicle.

5. Enhance Capability of More Service Calls
By reducing your service time cost, a Diagnostic Leak Detector makes your workshop capable of more service calls.

6. Ease the Pain of Finding Leaks
The vehicle driven in the workshop with engine running hot, which put technicians in a bad working condition, with a Diagnostic Leak Detector, technician don’t have to touch the hot surface, reduce possibility of getting hurt in work.

7. More Professional in Facing Customers
Customers may feel sorry for you if you jump onto and off the car to find problems. A Diagnostic Leak Detector will make technician’s work more professional with convincing result.

8. Small Investment, Big Turnout
A Diagnostic Leak Detector is affordable for all level of workshops, and the equipment will pay for itself back by a few jobs.

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Main Unit

Main Unit


Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Specifications:
Pressure: 0 ~ 2 Bar / 29 Psi
Chemical Refill: 50ml
Smoke Flow:15L/Min
Unit Dim.: L22cm x W23cm x H29cm
Power Supply: DC 12V/24V VehicleBattery
Delivery Dim.: L40cm x W36cm x H31cm
Air Source: Shop Air


Optional Parts(not included in the tool): If you need this optional parts, please contact me to check the price.

Passenger Car Intake Bladder
Mister Wand
Cooling System Pressure Test Kit
UV Detection Kit

Smoke Leak Detector ALL300 HD Optional Parts

Optional Parts


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