AUTOOL ATF602 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

AUTOOL ATF602 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

AUTOOL ATF602 Function
1. After working for a long time, automatic transimmison can’t exchange fluid 100%, and it will cause transimmision not work normally.
2. AUTOOL ATF602 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger can pour into fresh oil and clean transimmison, fluid torque converter and transmission radiator in 20 miutes. It can exchange oil 100%.

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AUTOOL ATF602 Features
1. Clear the metal pieces and oil sludge from automatic transimmison, and exchange the waste oil out from transimmison
2. Recover the accelartion of transmission
3. Decrease transmission vibration and fuel consumption
4. Reduce transmission temperature
5. Extend usage life of transmission

AUTOOL ATF602 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Operation Instruction of AUTOOL ATF602
1. Find a ATF cooling circulation pipe which is easy to dismantle, and dismantle the connector.
2. Start the car for a while. One side of the dismantled ATF cooling circulation pipe will inject oil, then you can judge inlet and outlet.
3. Use blue pipe to connect the oil outlet with the side of ATF cooling circulation pipe which does not inject oil.
4. Use red pipe to connect oil return pipe with the side of ATF cooling circulation pipe which injects oil. Connect a ball valve between the red pipe and ATF cooling circulation pipe.
5. Lift the car
6. Put the oil suction pipe into fresh oil bucket.
7. Start the car, shift the geart to make 3-4L waste oil to the waste oil bucket from transmission.
8. Power on the machine: Connect the power cable to 12V power supply. Rotate the emergency switch, you’ll see the indicator lights, then, the machine starts to work.
9. When the machine starts to work, please pour into fresh oil to the transimission. Automatic transmission begin to exchange waste oil to fresh oil. Compare the flow rate between the waste and fresh oil pipe, and the volume between the waste and fresh oil bucket, then, use the ball valve to control the outflow. (If the waste oil recycles faste, it will reduce oil return by turning down the valve)
10. When exchange the oil, shift every gear. Stay in one for about 5-10 seconds.
11. Observe the change of outflow and color in the waste oil tube, and regulate the outflow to meet the need of oil volume for transmission. When the fresh oil flows from the waste oil pipe, the waste oil is fully exchanged. Then, power off the machine.
12. Connect the transmission pipes as they are. Start the car, and shift to P to measure the oil. Then, add ATF oil according to oil level. At the same time, please check if the pipes leak. When the oil is added, drive about 1km to check again (It is very necessary).


Main Unit

Packing list:
1. The machine
2. Oil return pipe, oil inlet pipe
3. Connectors for cars
4. Instruction, certificate

AUTOOL ATF602 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Packing List

Safety Precautions and Warnings
1. Please read the instruction before operating the machine
2. Please keep away from fire
3. If you find the machine is damaged during transportation, please complain to shipping company in the shortest time. We promise to pack it well before shipping, but any damage in transportation is out of our control
4. The plastic accessories are not under warranty
5. Please discharge the water in air compressor in 2-3 days, in order to prevent the pump from breakdown. Please keep the machine away from the wet.
6. Keep the machine clean, and place it in a cool place. Do not dry it in the sun.
7. If the machine can’t work properly, please contact your local distributor.